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General and Off Topic / Help Thread
« on: September 28, 2020, 05:40:54 AM »
Request help in this thread

Rules and Announcements / Da Rules
« on: September 28, 2020, 03:34:11 AM »

Remember @everyone Discord TOS guidelines apply to this server. Full guidelines can be found here: https://discordapp.com/guidelines

"I didn't know" is not an excuse. Updates to the rules will be announced in the announcement section here, on Discord and the main website.

We require members to be at least 16+

The Overall Rules
Be respectful of everyone.
• It goes to say, play nice.
• Harassment is not acceptable and will lead to serious action.
• Do not make fun of, harass, or attack anyone for things such as, but not limited to:
 :Alert:  Race, Sex, Religion
 :Alert: Insults, Threats, Malicious attacks, Antagonizing Behavior.
 :Alert: Going along with this, Hate Speech will not be tolerated
• These rules apply to DMs between members of this community.
• If someone does not want you to bother them, oblige that
• If you feel threatened/unsafe for any reason, contact a Admin or Mod Immediately via DMs.

No Spamming, No Solicitation
• Do not spam memes in any channel but #memes
• Do not flood a chat with irrellevant or off-topic things.
• Do not spam bots
• Bot commands, with reasonable execption to Ayana, should be kept to #bot-spam and #music-bot

General Chat Rules
• English is the official Language of this chat, please do not use other languages.
• Keep yourself civil. Swearing is fine, but don’t get carried away.
• Keep the topic in a channel about that. Misc conversations can occur in #general
• Don't monopolize the conversation
• Again, no Spamming of memes anywhere but #memes. In concordance with this, please keep all media, unless pertinent to channel or conversation to the media section.
• All time zones are in Eastern Standard Time when posted by Admins/Mods.

Keep NSFW to the minimum.
• Pornographic Material is prohibited
• We do not have a NSFW channel. This is not going to change.
• Usernames and Profile Pictures may not be obcene
• In-game art that is not intended to be sexual in nature (i.e. Damage portraits in Gacha games) will be allowed so long as the character remains covered.

We must be able to tell it's you.
• You MUST have your nickname set to a recognizable in-game name. Contact @Polos to have that done if your username for discord is different.
• You may only hold 1 account on here. No throwaways

If it's Illegal in real life? It's Illegal here.
• Enough Said.

Do not give Polos Reason to add rules

The Game Specific Rules - Arma:
• If you wish to Play Arma with us, please message one of the @Admins  or @Planning/Moderation
• Do not give out the Server Password. If you or someone else needs the Password, contact a @Admins / @Planning/Moderation
• You are required to be on TeamSpeak to use TaskForceRadio while during an OP
 - If we are not doing an OP, you are free to join the server and play. It is preferred for you to be on Teamspeak so people can talk with you.
• This is a CO-OP server. Teamkilling/Griefing other players is prohibited
 -Minor exception given to end of Ops since we can all get a bit...trigger happy.

The Game Specific Rules - Minecraft:
• No Griefing
• We have a Co-Op, PVE server. Do not cause confict by attacking other players
• No Stealing, Public Chests will be available
• If in Dispute, contact a mod on discord to assist
• Do not crowd areas, give people room to build.
 -If you claim somewhere, do not ghost it.
• No mods or hacks
 -On the modded server, this means do not have additional mods than the stated modpack.

The Teamspeak Specific Rules:
• Do not sit in the Guest Lobby
• To do anything, you must be Tagged. Contact a @Mod or @Admin to do this
• Do not leave your mic open.

Failure to follow rules:

We will operate on a 3 strike basis.

First Strike: Verbal/Chat Warning from any Mod/Admin.

Second Strike: DM'd Warning from an @admin. Placing of member on probation. Member will be monitored by Mods/Admins. Possible forfeit of ability to participate in clan events for a period of time.

Third Strike: Expulsion from Clan and Servers.

If you’re not willing to promote a healthy environment and/or uphold a respect for the clan’s, and fellow clanmate’s, reputation. If it is determined that a member’s continual participation will result in further problems or the offense is extreme, we may remove someone before the third strike.

At the discretion of the Moderation/Admin Staff, three strikes may be issued in special circumstances.

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