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Arma Primer: Radio Man


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So, you wanna call in the big guns huh? Well, with the Role of radioman, that is right up your alley. As a Radio man you will work with your squad/team leader at a very close level. Sometimes, if your fire-team cannot facilitate having a radio man, so you may end up working at the higher level. Enough with the typical stuff you will hear from a JTAC or ATC.

With regards to being the Radio Man, not everyone is cut for it and that is okay. Coordinating with multiple groups at one time can be stressful, but with a little bit of training and a good team, your job should be as easy as "see the green smoke? Yeah, good that's us, drop everything you got about 300 meters outside that smoke"

The general purpose behind the Radioman is so that a secure and able connection can be made with Command as well as any assets or groups that do not roll with you on the norm. That may include some armor groups such as IFVs (Bradleys, APCs Etc..), Armor Platoons and/or Companies, as well as Air Assets or the glorious gun birds as some of us in the community call them. Always remember, the code: BROKEN ARROW, is used in emergency situations ONLY.. Please don't go around just calling it for the hell of it.

Typically, a Radio man is covered in more radios than he is mags, and has more gear for his map than the engineers have for a Tank. Make sure to use those tools to mark out gun and bombing runs for the fly boys over head, because trust me, it is better to be safe than sorry. Be ready to wonder why you are constantly thinking your name is being called, because it probably is by someone. If you feel up to calling for support or giving the enemy a world of 30mm AutoCannon, look no further than the Radio Man.

To access the Personal Radio, Ctrl+P is the way to go, you will have to point and click to program it, but it gets smoother once you break the buttons in. For the Heavy piece of Radioactive Material fused... I mean worn on your back, Alt+P will open the programming screen and for both of those, there are options to use the built in speakers or keep in your headset and how loud it will be as well as what channels are programmed to what frequencies.
The Long Range Radio that you will typically find on a Radio Operator is the RT-1523G [ASIP] Big (You can go with any of the variety, as long as it is a Big Radio Pack)

The frequencies that are currently in use by the 61st are as follows:
Local/Personal Radio : Channel 111
Long Range Radio Primary: Channel 50
Long Range Radio Secondary/Air to Ground: Channel 77

Task Force Arrowhead Radio, or TFAR can be a tricky mistress when she wants to be, but very simple once configured to your liking. The dreaded CAPS LOCK BUtton.. It finally has a purpose other than to annoy everyone! The Caps lock button is the primary local/personal radio transmit button. Always remember, keep comms short, sweet and to the point. A simple way to memorize the order in which a Radio call will go is "Hey you (You being the person you are contacting), It's Me and then the message"

Alt+Caps lock will activate the long range radio in Aircraft, Armor, Vehicles or the one on your back and send radio waves a very considerable 10-20km away! If you have a button that you use typically for a PTT in other applications, it will be the perfect key for TFAR. I personally configured it to my mouse for quick access while in the middle of a engagement.

- FC3 Pike, M.
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