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Arma Primer: Machine Gunner


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Welcome to the Arma Primer: Machine Gunner guide. In this guide we will go over the basic kit, duties, and overall role of a machine gunner within the squad.

About your basic kit. It will be as the rifleman basic kit with a few differences. First replace your rifle with a machine gun. It is your choice on if you want a light or medium machine gun. Secondly we will also have to replace the ammo you carry. Since this is a machine gun you are going to want no less than 500 rounds, but anything 500 - 800 should be plenty. I recommend stuffing extra rounds into a backpack so that you can drop it if you need to move faster. I also recommend taking straight tracer, I personally prefer red tracers but whatever fits your fancy will work. Finally you will be getting rid of the M72A7 LAW. It is just going to be weighing you down and you already have a heavy enough load. If you need one there should be a dead rifleman nearby with one anyhow.

For upgrades I recommend carrying more ammo. Frags won't help much as the enemy shouldn't be that close to you most of the time. Extra smoke grenades might be nice to have. Beyond that you will spend ammo in belts so having more keeps you useful longer.

Your job, obvious though it might be, is quite simple put out as much fire onto enemies as you can. You should be firing burst of 3 - 5 rounds at enemies and the suspected positions of enemies. Your teammates will adjust their fire off of your tracers. This means that if you see something put rounds out while you are calling it out. Your allies will already be looking for it and they can use the tracers to help zero into it. Your job is not generally to carry people back out of a firefight, or to charge into buildings. You may have to do those things but by and large having you watching areas and denying the enemy movement is a better use of your gun.

Lets now talk about your gun. Machine guns come in three flavors: Light, Medium, and Heavy. These are generally classed based on the caliber of the round coming out of them, so 5.56, 7.62, and .50 cal respectively for NATO guns. The other way these classifications are used is based on the job they do. Lights are more mobile and can be lugged around easily and generally set up without anything more than a bipod. Mediums may or may not have a tripod (in arma they usually don't) and are generally heavier and harder to move about with and can be used in a vehicle mount. Finally Heavies typically are only used on either a tripod or a vehicle mount and are reserved for prepared positions. You can use heavies as a regular machine gun, but they demand 2 people. One to carry the gun, one to carry the tripod.
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